Monday, December 22, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows

Hello makeup lovers!
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You might have heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products before. They are really known for their brow line, but recently they launched some amazing single eyeshadows! Some of these eyeshadows have been available previously in palettes by Anastasia. You can now get them in a larger size pan! I have been wearing these babies every day since I got them!
These eyeshadows launched on November 18th and are available to purchase on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website ( The price of one eyeshadow is $12 which is a bit spendy. But the bundle prices are 4 shadows for $40 ($10 each), or 8 shadows for $70 ($8.75 each). So I got a bundle of 8 and ordered one additional shadow because I qualified for free shipping and then got an additional 10% coupon for signing up for their emails.
So, there are eight different classifications of eyeshadows: Titanium, Duo Chrome, Ultra-Matte, Metallic, Satin, Shimmer, Sparkle, and Velvet. If you want to learn in detail what the differences are in these types, and see swatches of every eyeshadow watch Norvina Sun's YouTube channel! She created these shadows and she's also incredibly talented and beautiful. 
 Note: These swatches were done with no primer! Just shows how awesome they really are!

These colors from left to right are are Electro, Iridescent Purple, Opaline, and Rosette. These are my 'purple' shadows.
Electro is classified as a Due Chrome meaning it puts off two different colors. It is bright purple with blue iridescence.

Iridescent purple is classified as a Duo Chrome; purple with blue iridescence.

Opaline is classified as a Duo Chrome; bright violet with magenta iridescence.

Rosette is classified as a Titanium; rich burgundy.

Here are the other 5 swatched: 

These colors from left to right are Metal, Pink Champagne, Mermaid, Dragonfly, and Dusty Rose. 
The Titanium shadows are probably my favorites! 
Metal is classified as a Titanium (shimmer off the chain); silver gold.

Pink Champagne is classified as a Titanium; pink beige with shimmer.

Mermaid is classified as a Titanium; shimmery deep teal.

Dragonfly is classified as a Duo Chrome; iridescent blue with purple.

Dusy Rose is classified as a Velvet; light lilac brown.
I am so in love with these shadows! I even asked for four more for Christmas! I would definitely recommend these. I would also highly recommend getting them in a bundle because the price is so much better that way. So save your pennies and try some of these! Don't forget to check out Norvina Sun on YouTube for in-detail information about each individual shadow. These are very pigmented and fun to play with! Also you can follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
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