Monday, January 5, 2015

The Best Mink Eyelashes

Hello beauties!
We are so excited to tell you about our favorite mink lashes. Paige and I tried our first pair of these in November and then won our second pairs! Click the image to see Velour Lashes website.
If you are looking for high quality mink lashes you NEED to check out Velour Lashes. These false lashes are quite expensive to be honest, but you can wear them up to 25+ times with proper care. They are so worth it. The mink fur comes from free range farms and is from the hair that is brushed off of the animals. There is no harm done to them in the process. The lashes are anywhere from $30-50.
The first pair we tried were the style "Doll Me Up." We both agreed these lashes are great quality lashes and so beautiful. This particular style of lash isn't exactly what we would call everyday wear eyelashes. They are quite extreme and long but very beautiful. During the month of November, Velour sold their lashes in these pink boxes for breast cancer awareness and donated some of the proceeds to the National Cancer Foundation! (Chelsee) had to trim my lashes to fit my eye because they were too big for the width of my eyes. This was simple and easy, just take off as little as you can from the outer corner of the lash and not the inner corner. To apply my lashes I use DUO eyelash glue or Andrea Modlash eyelash glue in clear, which are available at Walgreens and Walmart.

The second pair we both won in a Halloween contest by Velour were the "Whispie Sweet Nothings." These lashes are very natural looking, and we agreed that they are more perfect for everyday wear. You might be able to tell from the picture but I have already worn these lashes about 20 times and they are still very wearable and pretty. I never sleep with them on and I always remove the glue immediately after taking these lashes off.
My next purchase of these consisted of another pair of Whispie Sweet Nothings and the new Carli Lash. Before I address the Carli Lash I just want to mention that my new pair of Whispie Sweet Nothings looked different from the first pair. I'm not sure  if they have changed how they make them, or if I was sent the wrong pair before. Paige said her Whispie Sweet Nothings that she won look more like the new pair I ordered. The new pair is on the left, and the older pair on the right. I'm going to email them and ask them why these look so different!
Carli Bybel is one of my favorite YouTube makeup artists and beauty guru. She collaborated with Velour Lashes to make her own style of lash called the Carli Lash and they are beautiful! The band is very thick so I think I can make these last a very very long time. I am so impressed with this pair of lashes. I can say that as of right now they are my favorite pair. They are winged out on the outer corner to make your eyes look sultry and beautiful. They are like an amped up version of the drugstore lashes "demi whispies.'

If you have made it to the end of this horribly long post, congratulations! I really do love these false lashes. I don't think I could love these lashes any more. Thanks for reading :)