Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ColourPop Review & Swatches

Hi everybody!
I'm sorry this post took so long this week, it's close to midterms so I have been busy studying! 
Today I'm showing you what I bought from ColourPop Cosmetics!! I'm also going to review them & show you swatches :)
As you can see, you get a cute personalized, handwritten letter with every order!

The amazing this about this company is that each individual item on their website is UNDER TEN DOLLARS!! These eyeshadows and their Lippie Pencils and Lippie Stix are just FIVE DOLLARS! 
So, of course I had to try this brand. I bought seven items for $30.00 because I had a coupon for subscribing to their email list ($5). 
What I want to say about these is that they have a very interesting, cool texture! They are "bouncy" to the touch. They are moldable, such as if you dropped one and it broke you could essentially put it back together! It's a very different formula, and I love it! The pigmentation is very good as well, especially for the price point. So, that being said, let's get into my mini collection! 
Also and very important, they do not test on animals! The company also has a great sense of humor, just read their FAQ.
This is So Quiche Super Shock Shadow. It is described as a "soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish." Absolutely gorgeous. I'll show the swatches toward the end of this post. Also what I want to say about these shadows is that they can go bad, so you have to be sure to close them tightly after each use.
This is Krinkle Super Shock Shadow. It is described as "a smoky blue loaded with silver and gold glitter in a metallic finish. When you put it on, it’s a lot like that feeling you get on Christmas morning." Another gorgeous color. You know I love my blues and that glitter stuff. 
This is Bae Super Shock Shadow. This is described as "Ay Bay Bay, this rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish is legit better than anything else." OMG this shadow... I am absolutely in love with this one. The camera didn't capture how truly beautiful the color is. This is my ideal color for a fun night out with bae.. ;) (I hate that word, but I had to.) 
Meet Dare Super Shock Shadow. This is described as "shockingly bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter. This shiz should be on lockdown ‘cuz it practically guarantees a wild night you totally do not remember." Like I said.. They are hilarious. Purple is another color I can't resist you guys, this one is the perfect mixture of pink and purple. Perfect for day or that crazy night out. 
Hello Game Face Super Shock Shadow. I saved my FAVORITE for last! This is described as "prepare to get rowdy with an intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish." HEAVEN. I have worn this color more than any of the others. Copper is my new best friend. 
 Their Lippie Stix you guys.. There are PIGMENTED, long-lasting, and they smell good! This is Lumiére, a color created by Kathleen Lights from YouTube. She's adorable. Needless to say.. so is this color. I would consider this pretty close to that Kylie Jenner lip color everyone had been raving about. The company sells lip pencils of the exact same color, so I got the Lumiére Lippie Pencil too :)
This is described as "a dusty mauve pink in a matte finish created by the lovely @KathleenLights – “I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It’s not a would look great on EVERYONE​!” 
Here are the swatches of all five shadows I got. From the top: Dare, Krinkle, Bae, So Quiche, and Game Face. The picture on the left is in natural light, and the picture on the right is indoor lighting. 
So sparkly!!!! They were dang hard to get off too... 
The top swatch is of the Lippie Pencil in Lumiére, and the bottom is the Lumiére Lippie Stix.  These were especially hard to wash off! I love love the color of this. I have seen a few swatch videos of their other lippie products and I will definitely be purchasing a lot more in the future. And I have a good excuse because they are just $5.00..
There you have it! Go check them out you guys, you will not be disappointed. Also, they just launched a ton of their new Super Shock Cheek blushes that I want to get my hands on ($7).
I hope you enjoyed this and learned something new! If you didn't know about this company, they just started selling products in 2014 so they are still fairly new :) Thank you so much for reading! Share with all your friends!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day Photoshoot with Whitney Marie Photography

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day! 
Whitney happened to ask me to do this shoot last week because we thought it would be so fun and the weather has been great. So we grabbed some props & had some fun! Be sure to check out Whitney's photography WEBSITE, on Instagram, Pinterest, and like her page on Facebook :) She does an amazing job & is very talented. We had a great time with this shoot, lots of laughs! 
Keep reading for makeup details & some clothing details as well <3   
This post is going to be long... sowy!

Here I'm wearing a faux fur vest I got from Buckle a while back :) I don't get to wear this much so I thought this was the perfect occasion.

The lipstick I'm wearing is Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in 01 with Gerard Cosmetics Cherry Cordial & Palladio herbal waterproof lip liner in Red Rose.

This is a dress I purchased from a store called Details. I actually bought this to wear to the Katy Perry concert last September!

My eyes are Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear, Bitten, and Bling (highlight), Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows in Metal (on the lid area), Deep Plum, Birkin, Dusty Rose, & Fresh Peach. 
Eyeliner is Maybelline gel liner in Blackest Balck & Master Kajal in Onyx Rush on the waterline. 
Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in dark brown. 
Eyelashes are "Bianca" from Lena Lashes. They are SO fluffy & beautiful & not too long! 
Contour is Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. Blushes are Margin by MAC, & Head Over Heels from Makeup Geek. 
Cheek Highlighter is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal.
Lips are MAC Saint Germain lipstick & Snob lipglass with Nyx lip liner in Sand Pink.
REMEMBER: Always search for coupon codes :)

 The shoes below are Bamboo wedge booties.
"Zooshoo Bamboo DEBRAH-01N Lace Up Wedge Ankle Bootie" I can't find them anywhere, but there are tons of similar shoes!
Jeans are from Bohme Boutique Flying Monkey brand.

These shoes are Jessica Simpson slingback platform pumps :) In these pictures you will see both the red ones & black ones! (Macy's) 

We have reached the end! Thank you, thank you, thank you for checking out Pretty & Put Together & thank you so much WHITNEY for taking these pictures. She is so beautiful inside & out. I have never met a more loving & bubbly person :) Please go check her out!
All photos were taken by Whitney Marie Photography #wmariephotography in Pocatello, ID. She has given me permission to post these on this blog.

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