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Easy Detox Drink

The Simple, Easy Detox Drink
We have all heard of it, the dreadful detox. It sounds absoluetly miserable to be on a liquid diet for days. I found this little recipe for a single detox drink on Facebook. I have tried this three times only one meal a day. Some benefits to detoxing are it helps boost energy, rids the body of excess waste, helps with weight loss, helps build stronger immune system, improves skin, improves breath, promotes healthy diet changes, helps you think more clearly, gives you a lighter feeling, provides anti-aging benefits, and an improved sense of well-being according to
This is the recipe. How simple is this?! I had all of these ingredients already. This is so convenient for me because, as you know from a previous blog, I drink apple cider vinegar every day for its health benefits. Apple cider vinegar does not taste great on its own; this way, I can get the ACV (apple cider vinegar) I want without the awful taste! Of course you shouldn't detox every day. I would drink this when I am feeling I have been eating bad or my digestive system isn't working properly.

Here are the exact ingredients I used. One alteration I would recommend is to add less cinnamon. When I finished the drink after continuous shaking there was a lot of excess cinnamon on the bottom (and I don't care to do the cinnamon challenge). I think this tastes pretty good. I do put it in my shaker as I said and keep shaking it as I drink. You should drink this pretty fast and on it's own. I would also recommend 16 oz of water to really blend all of the ingredients, especially if you are skeptical about tasting the ACV. I couldn't taste the ACV when I drank this.
Here is the finished result (click here to buy blender bottle). So, just blend, drink & enjoy! Let us know about your experience with this!

Brushes for Flawless Foundation: Sigma

If you haven't ever tried using a brush to apply your foundation you are missing out! Using a brush helps to really smooth the foundation and apply it into your skin for longer lasting coverage. I was introduced to this brand, Sigma, by the YouTube beauty blogger, Jaclyn Hill (she is one my favorite makeup artists on YouTube). The quality of these brushes is amazing! These brushes have been compared to MAC brushes as an exact dupe. 
These two foundation brushes help to absorb the excess product. These are the F80 and F86 foundation application brushes. Each of these are $21.00; I know that is on the expensive side but these should last you years with the right care (there are often discount codes featured on the YouTube channels of Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, and SMLx0)! These brushes are made with Synthetic Sigmax bristles. I got them a few months ago and, as you can see, they are still in great condition. These pictures were taken right after washing and drying them, and they still look brand new! 
The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush is used to apply foundation to the flat parts of your face such as forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose. The brush is so soft you will want to brush your face with it all day If you are wanting to try something from Sigma I would recommend trying this brush first. I have tried the flat foundation brushed and found that I got a much smoother application with this flat top brush. I wouldn't recommend using this for applying powder, it is made to apply cream and liquid makeup products. 
The F86 Tapered Kabuki is made for areas of your face that are difficult to cover with the flat top kabuki such as they eye area. I really used this brush for highlighting my lids and under-eye area, middle forehead, nose and chin. This brush is also made to apply cream and liquid products. The shape of this brush is perfect for applying product in the eye area. This brush is also very dense and helps to pick up the excess product so your makeup is never cakey (for a no-fail under eye application make sure to brush back and forth to get in all those pesky creases)!
I would absolutely recommend these brushes to anyone. It is almost effortless to get the perfect flawless foundation with these two. If you aren't confident in trying a foundation brush just watch one of Jaclyn's videos. She, along with a lot of other makeup gurus love the Sigma brushes, and the F80 has been a top seller on Sigma since it's release! 
Have a great day everyone! This post is not sponsored.

No Curling Iron Curls With Sea Salt Spray

Save your hair!
I am constantly fighting with my hair in the hot summer weather. My hair becomes more damaged with all the sun combined with heated tools like my straightener and curling irons. I recently got a sea salt spray and wanted to give it a try! I experimented with this no curling iron curl today and it turned out great! Keep in mind that I already have wavy/curly hair, so this may turn out different with straight hair (you can try more twisted braids in smaller sections)!
First I washed my hair and applied protectant product and oil to keep my hair smooth and shiny. Then I split my hair into two equal parts. With those two parts, split them again in two pieces. Twist the two pieces in separate directions (I twist the hair closest to my face away from my face).
It's really hard to explain this part! These are twisted braids. Use the two pieces of hair on one side and twist them around each other. Try to keep them twisted tightly. This can take a few tries to get right. If the curls aren't twisted in opposite directions the braid will come undone. Tie with small elastics. If the braids aren't staying twisted you can put a few elastics all the way down the braid (yes these look silly, and I was lucky enough to be seen in them). 
I let these air dry for a bit. Then I take the blow dryer to them until they feel fairly dry. 
Optional: When they are mostly dry you can clamp a straightener on them in sections all the way down the braid; hold the straightener just long enough for the hair to get warm. Repeat twice or more.

Now the fun part! Take out the elastics and run your fingers gently through the hair. I flipped my hair a few times for some volume. Then I applied this amazing texturizing sea salt spray called Beach Babe! This makes your hair feel like you have spent a day at the beach, but without all the sand in your pants. This is by NYM, Not Your Mother's and is infused with dead sea salt and sea kelp. It smells amazing! Spray a few times through out hair and scrunch.
This is only $5.99 at Ulta or drugstore. Click image to purchase

This is how it turned out! Soft, bouncy curls ready for summer sun (or the beach if you're lucky enough)!
Give it a try and tag #prettyandpt in your pictures! Let us know how it works for you! This post is not sponsored.

My Healthy Dose of Caffeine

Alright, who doesn't love a good Starbucks drink?
The downside is that most are loaded with calories and lots of sugar. I finally found my better fix with Starbucks Refreshers!
This is the most convenient way to drink a healthy, tasty Starbucks drink. Truly makes you feel refreshed and ready to conquer the day. These 6 packets are $5.95 at Starbucks (so much cheaper than buying the individual drinks) and I can take these anywhere with me. This flavor is Very Berry Hibiscus and I love it! Starbuck's description of the taste is "tangy fruit, sweet ginger and lemongrass." This is a natural energy source with green coffee extract from unroasted coffee beans. This stuff is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is made cane sugar, has no carbonation, and has only 70 calories per packet. Click the image to see product on their site.
So easy to make this, it's great when I am on the go. I just grab my Blender Bottle ($6.49) and fill with 16 oz of cold water, add the packet and shake shake shake! This comes out really sweet, which I like. Simply add more water if you don't like how sweet it's tasting. I drink this on days where I know I'm going to have classes all day until late at night and I am going to need all the energy I can get. I'll drink this in the afternoon so that it's really working about that time when I'm wanting to take a nap instead of do my homework
Be aware that this acts as a diuretic and will make you have to urinate a lot for a bit after drinking it!
It comes in 6 of these nice little packets you could easily stick in your purse or bag for work, school, traveling, you name it! This is the only flavor of the VIA Refreshers that I have tried. They also come in other delicious flavors like Cool Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Valencia Orange, and Iced Coffee packets for you coffee lovers. They are available at Walgreens and Albertson's that I have seen if you don't happen to have a Starbucks nearby.
I absolutely love this stuff. What more could you ask for in a healthy energy, low calorie, tasty Starbucks drink! If you give it a try let us know what you think! 
These drinks also come in carbonated bottled form, available at Starbucks and Albertson's in the delicious flavors of strawberry lemonade, raspberry pomegranate, and blueberry acai.  This post is not sponsored.

Coconut Oil for Your Skin

Need a luxurious skin remedy that won't put a hole in your wallet?
This has lasted me so long because while I do use it on my hair, I use it mostly for my skin. This works its magic on sunburns, rashes, dry and sensitive skin, and even oily skin like mine. The big misconception for people with oily skin is that you should strip the oils, but this will irritate your skin and cause it to produce more oil. I use this on my skin every night in the winter and in the summer when I feel my skin needs some love. I got this at Walgreens for $10 in the vitamin isle (not the cooking isle). It is available on Amazon for $12.38 and free shipping!
What you need to look for and why: Organic, extra virgin, all natural, and unrefined is best for skin and hair, it's coconut oil in its pure form and it will have the actual delicious smell of coconuts (It's personal preference really, if you don't like the smell or feel you'd rather have refined then you can usually find refined in the cooking section)! There are no chunky bits in this Spectrum brand. It is so smooth and melts at above 76 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn't need to be refrigerated. To heat it up in the cold months of winter I just fill up my sink with hot water and let this tub sit in there for a few minutes. I prefer not to microwave because I would always be reheating and reheating this tub and stripping it of some of its nutrients. This stuff melts very fast!
First of all, you want to be very careful when using tubs to wash your hands before dipping into the tub. You don't want this to become a pool of germs that end up causing negative effects on your skin. Or, you can simply apply it with a cotton pad or Q tip for spot treating. On nights like tonight I was feeling generous and dipped one side of the cotton pad in and dabbed all over my face (a little goes a long way). Do not dip the same Q tip or cotton pad back into the tub either!
I have never had a problem using this around my eye area but avoid the area if it makes you nervous. I do apply moisturizer and let it dry before applying this, but you can use this alone as a moisturizer if you like.
At first you may feel like your skin is way too wet but you will wake up and, because coconut oil is so amazing and natural, your skin drinks it right up. For spot treatments on acne that is in the healing process, I dip the Q tip into the tub and just apply to that single area. I have noticed my skin healing much faster when using this and also helping with redness and irritation. It is so gentle and soothing. Sometimes I even apply this to my body's dry areas like the elbows, feet, cuticles, anywhere!
So find your favorite use or do them all! Whether it's for cooking, skin, hair, bath (or my upcoming post.. as eyelash and eyebrow serum), you need this in your life!

Let us know if & how you use coconut oil! Enjoy!

You Drink What?!

Yes. I am one of those people who drinks APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!
Why are so many people into this craze?
Every morning after I get ready and right before I eat I drink apple cider vinegar. There are so many great things in this stuff! Despite all the hype about this, some of it's claimed affects haven't been proven. What we do know about apple cider vinegar is that it contains a ton of vitamins and minerals, it can be used for weak bones, losing weight, muscle cramps, stomach aches, sore throats, cleaning out your sinuses, and high blood pressure. It can also help rid toxins from your body, slow aging, reduce cholesterol and help with infections. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a toner for your skin to prevent/rid of acne(I have yet to try this one) when combined with water. It can be used for soothing a sunburn, mosquito bites, dry scalp issues, and so much more (Web MD). Again, some of its affects haven't been medically proven. But with all of its amazing ingredients why not give it a try?

What to look for at the grocery store: You want to buy the organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized kind containing "the mother." The 16 oz bottle you see here costs about $5.00 and lasts me a long time (I found one double this size for the same price on Amazon). It does not need to be kept refrigerated. This is naturally gluten free and will give you the most health benefits. The bottle says you can drink it up to three times daily but I only drink it once per day.
This is how I drink it: I pour 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass and pour a little water in it (about 1 part ACV and two parts water). I only pour a little water in it so I can drink it faster. Let me tell you now... This stuff does not taste great! The first few times I drank it I was having to choke it down but I have become much more used to it now. I really don't mind drinking it! Like I said you can drink this up to three times per day in 1-2 tsp servings mixed with water but instead of doing that I just drink 1 tbsp in the morning instead of a tsp per serving.
If mixed into a drink with 1-2 tsps honey it is said to help with weakening bones. Bragg also has their own little recipe on the back of the bottle. Since I have been drinking this I have noticed clearer skin, digestion, growing hair, and it has soothed my sore throats and stomach pains. Use this stuff for whatever you like, I couldn't see the harm in trying something so healthy!
Let us know if you have tried this and what it has done for you!

Thanks for reading!

All Time Favorite Flat Iron: NuMe

This tool is an essential for every woman...
The straightener! My daily routine has always involved a flat iron. I have tried a few brands before and I have finally found the ultimate flat iron. The NuMe Vintage flat iron is made with floating, 100% ceramic plates perfect for straightening, loose curls or tight curls. It is pronounced "New-Me" for a reason!
I have had this flat iron for over a year. I had previously tried several Chi flat irons which all ended up breaking in one way or another. This flat iron from NuMe is very sturdy, it has a long cord, and temperature controls along with a red/green light letting you know when it has reached the perfect temperature. As you can see it is still in great condition! I use this every single day on my hair. I have VERY curly, thick hair so I need a flat iron that can handle the mess. It glides over my hair without catching and has a pattern grip. I also color my hair a lot and this doesn't suck all the moisture from my hair. Not to mention how cute the color is!
I always comb through the hair as I'm straightening, dragging the straightner behind the comb, for the best results and stick straight hair. As you can see this comb is very worn out from using it so much (so cheap, from Walgreens or WalMart)! This flat iron is listed for a pretty high price but I got this one for a large discount (I'm talking over $100.00 off). If you sign up for NuMe's newletters they have flash sales with literally hundreds marked off of the price along with other items. I want to say I got this with a discount code from a YouTube vlogger (Carli Bybel) for around $60.00 which is less than I have ever paid for a flat iron!
The essential partner to the flat iron is an oil. Applying an oil before/after you flat iron your hair will give your hair shine and also keep it healthy. Argan oil is my favorite hair oil. This product is from NuMe as well and is always part of discounts! The bottle is huge and will last a very long time. This stuff is so good you can apply the excess to your skin. I got this product at a huge discount with another code from Carli Bybel (the code may not still be active). I highly recommend this stuff and also recommend hunting down a discount code or waiting for a flash sale first! NuMe often does really awesome bundles for a fraction of the price!
My mom and sister both have a NuMe flat iron as well and they love it! My crazy hair couldn't be tamed any other way than with a good straightner and this one is by far the best I've used and the cheapest.
Thanks for reading! This post is not sponsored.  
(Update 3/6/15: This particular straightener is not made anymore but I have purchased the Megastar and it is amazing, if not better.)

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My goals for 2015 are to just accept what I cannot change. I am very much a control freak and I really just want to be more relaxed and have an even better year than 2014!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BEST 'Hairsprays for Your Face'

Hi everyone!
I for one hate having to touch up my makeup a thousand times a day. I have oily skin so I was always reapplying powder which only made it worse and caused my pores to become clogged. I found the perfect solution when I discovered makeup setting spray or, what I like to call them, hairsprays for your face. These are something I can not go without now that I have tried them. There are a wide range of choices and prices but here are my three holy-grail hairsprays for your face:
These babies have saved me! E.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set, Victoria's Secret Prime & Set Makeup Spray, and MAC Fix+. All of these are relatively affordable and work so well. I started using hairspray for your face about a year ago when I found e.l.f. products at Target. I know my skin is happy with me for not piling powders on it all day. I can't even begin to tell you the difference in my skin!
I want to start off talking about this one by e.l.f. because it was the first one I tried and it is very cheap ($3.00). It is called Makeup Mist & Set. E.l.f. is available at WalMart and Target. Although a cheap brand their products are not disappointing. As you can see this Mist & Set contains aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E, so it is very soothing for your skin. I use this one the most because I can always repurchase. I spray it directly onto my face after finishing a makeup look. It also works well if you apply it after your toner before moisturizer. Sometimes I even use it at night before bed to soothe my skin. It can also be used with a loose shadow, pigment or glitter. If you spray your brush with this before picking up the shadow it will help keep it in place. This is my third or fourth bottle. If you are skeptical about trying hairsprays for your face I recommend trying this one first. It is very gentle and great for all skin types, not to mention it is affordable!
This next setting spray I'm going to talk about is my FAVORITE! Victoria's Secret Make It Last Prime & Set Makeup Spray. It works best for my oily skin type and holds makeup in place for the longest period of time (out of any of the sprays). The bottle says it will hold makeup for eight hours and I believe it! I have repurchased this three or four times because I love it so much. It has always been available for me in the store. Fairly affordable ($14.00) and it is a good size bottle. I'm not sure why this product is not available online, but it is available in stores and on amazon, I'm sorry! I use this every day during the summer when my skin is the most oily. It sprays more than the e.l.f. spray so you have to be careful to hold it far enough away from your face and fan your face after with your hands. I also use this like the e.l.f. one and spray my brushes with it before applying a loose shadow or pigment. This one does not have all the good-for-you ingredients that the e.l.f. one does but I think it works much better at holding makeup in place. You can also use this as a primer before you apply your makeup for extra hold. If you're looking for the best hold at a great price this is the primer for you!
The next hairspray for your face I'm going to talk about is new to me. This is MAC Fix+. I have made my first few purchases from MAC and I love their products, so I thought I'd give this a try. This one is more expensive ($21.00) but has both good ingredients and good hold. They have a smaller size bottle if you aren't sure about how much you'll love it. This bottle is really big and I think will last me a long time. It mists very lightly, which I like since it was more expensive. This one has a smell, I'm not sure I love the smell but it isn't strong and doesn't last. I think this one works very well, but I'm not going to say it works better than the Victoria's Secret one. For my oily skin I think this is great for winter when my skin isn't too oily. I love using this one for applying loose eyeshadows and pigments as I explained before, this one works best for that. The benefits of this one are that it has better ingredients than the VS one and it holds just as well (just not for the same duration of time). Fix+ contains cucumber, fruit extract, and caffeine which are great for refreshing your face during the day!
To sum it all up, I use the e.l.f. makeup setting spray at night and throughout the day. I use the VS brand makeup spray right after I finish my makeup and again if I am going out. I use MAC Fix+ in the afternoon when my face needs a little pick-me-up and also to apply loose shadows and pigments. I love all three of these and I always keep them in stock. My skin is thanking me for not piling on more product and instead giving it a nice little mist just when it needs it. These hairsprays for your face will all leave you with glowing, dewy skin
Hope you enjoyed! This post is not sponsored.