Monday, February 9, 2015

Makeup Brush Collection: Eyeshadow/Brow Brushes

Hello beauties :)
Now that I've shown you the tools I use for my face, I'll show you the tools I use to decorate my eyes! This post will be a bit longer because I have a lot more eye brushes, sowy!
First, this brush is an absolute MUST-HAVE! This fluffy, rounded, synthetic brush has saved my eye-makeup. The reason? BLENDING. If you know anything about eye makeup you know how important it is not to have harsh lines (unless you are doing a cut crease or something)! 
This is the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. This brush is my favorite, and if I had to pick only one brush for my eyes, it would be this baby. It is effortless to blend out and diffuse your eye makeup with the E40. 

Always Google discount codes before purchasing! This brush retails for $16.00.

Another brush I use for more precise blending is this one. This brush has much shorter bristles than the E40, and is very affordable!

This is the e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush. You can purchase this brush at WalMart, Target, or online. Although I haven't used it for contouring my face at all, I find it useful to blend out shadows in the crease. This synthetic brush could be used for liquid or powder products on your face or eyes.

This e.l.f. brush retails for a mere $3.00!

This is another great brush for shadows in the crease. This brush comes to a point at the end so it's great for creating a cut crease or just precise placement of shadow into the crease of the eye. Because of the sharp point on this it could also be used to smudge shadows on the lower lash line.

This is the BH Cosmetics Smudge Brush from the 12 Piece Pink Brush Set. This brush is also made with synthetic bristles. 

This brush set retails for just $10.95 on the BH Cosmetics website! That is less than a dollar a brush! Not to mention they are pink :)

I use this dual ended rose-gold brush to pack shadows onto my lid area. The smaller end of the brush could be used to apply a highlight on the brow bone. 

This brush actually came with the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay. This exact brush is not available on it's own but a similar brush is available on their website. I usually don't even use the brushes that come in eyeshadow palettes but this one is really nice!

The duo ended brush similar to this one retails for $20.00 on the Urban Decay website.

This brush I use to pack on shadows onto the lid area as well. It is a flat, rounded brush that could also be used for highlighting or putting shadow precisely into the crease with just the tip. 

This is the Small Eyeshadow Brush from the BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Pink Brush Set. I definitely use this brush everyday! It's great because it can get right into the inner corner of the eye. I use this brush when applying pigments because it's the perfect size for placement on the lid.

Again, this brush set retails for $10.95.

This is a larger version of the brush above. I also use this brush to pack eyeshadows onto the lid. It is flat and rounded as well.

This is the Eyeshadow Brush from the BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Pink Brush Set yet again! This brush is good for packing shadow all over the eyelid, but it can be harder to get color onto the inner corner because this brush is larger in size. 
This brush is flat, tiny, and comes to a slight point at the end. I actually don't use this brush as much but it's great for applying shadow on the inner corner of the eye or the lower lash line. You could also use it to highlight the brow bone. 

This is the Fine Eyeliner Brush from the BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Pink Brush Set. I have never used this brush for eyeliner because I find that it isn't quite flat enough for precise eyeliner application.

This tiny brush is angled, so it's great for applying shadow precisely to the lower lash line. 

This is the Angled Eyeliner Brush from the BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Pink Brush Set. Again, this brush is too fluffy for me to use it for liner on the lid area, but I use liquid/gel eyeliners. 

This brush is another absolute MUST-HAVE for me! The tapered pencil tip of this brush allows for so many uses. I use this to blend out shadows on the lower lash line, to apply a highlight to my brown bone and inner corner, and to pack on shadows to the outer corner of the eye. 

This is the Sigma E30 Pencil brush! This brush is also really soft :) 

The E30 retails for $14.00 on the Sigma website. Sigma always has coupon codes so again, don't forget to Google them! 

This brush has really short bristles that are slightly rounded. I use this brush to smudge out shadows on the lower lash line. I do have to say, although the bristles are soft, be careful how much pressure you apply because this brush can feel like it stabs you ha! You could also use this to smudge out shadow or liner on the upper lash line.

This is the e.l.f. Smudge Brush. I have used this every day since I got it for my lower lash line! 

This brush is just $1.00!! I found it at WalMart. It is also available at Target but I did not see it on the e.l.f. website, so maybe it is being discontinued :(

This tiny little pointed brush came for free with a Sigma order :) I was really excited to get this brush because I had wanted to start winging out my liner. 

This is the Sigma E05 Eye Liner brush. Normally it doesn't come in this cute pink color or mini-sized unless you get it for free. I actually don't gravitate toward this brush as much because I found another brush I like better for winged liner that you will see. But it's all about personal preference!

The E05 retails for $14.00 on Sigma Beauty's website. Sigma offers a different free product every month with a qualifying purchase. 

This brush is another one of my absolute favorites! I'm sorry the picture here isn't great, just click on the bold words to see the images on the websites they are sold. I use this brush to do a winged liner or just a simple liner. This brush would also be awesome for shaping your brows! 

This is the Sigma E65 Small Angle brush. It's perfect for winged liner because the shape of this is angled and very thin. But this is also a pretty firm brush so you have a lot of control with the shape of your liner. 

The E65 retails for $14.00 on Sigma Beauty. 

This is just a simple tool I have to comb through my eyelashes if they get too clumpy. If you don't have one of these for your brows you definitely need one for that reason as well :)

These Spoolies/Mascara Wands are available in packages on Amazon or at Sally's beauty supply.

A pack of 12 wands is $3.59 at Sally Beauty Supply.

Now onto the brow brushes! I use this thin, angled brush to shape my brows! I seriously love this brush.

This is the Angle Eyeshadow Brush from Ulta. I actually really like the short handle on this brush because I feel I have a lot of control of it when shaping my brows. I use a brow gel to shape my brows, but this brush would work great with powders as well. Obviously you could use this brush for liner if you didn't want to use it for brows :) 

The Angle Eyeshadow Brush is available online or in stores for $5.99 at Ulta Beauty.

Here is another spoolie brush, but this one I angled and use it for my brows! Using a spoolie on your brows before applying brow products helps in deciding where to place product. Using a spoolie after applying product will help blend out your brows and make them look more natural.

Lastly, this skinny flat brush! You're probably wondering why this brush is in the brow section of my brushes... I use this brush to carve out my brows and correct any mistakes I made. I put a little concealer on the back of my hand and then use this brush to further shape around my brows. 

This is the Flat Eyeliner Brush from the BH Cosmetics 12 Piece Brush Set. I used this brush before on my lower lash line, but I found I like it a lot more to shape my brows! This brush would be really great to apply precise shadow to the lower lash line! 

In case you are wondering, the container I have the brushes in came from Target and it's actually a cotton ball/q-tip holder that comes with lids! You can find really cute containers at The Container Store that could be used for makeup brushes as well. 
WOW thank you for getting through this post with me if you have made it to the end! I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. Thanks for reading!! Be sure to follow us on Instagram. Twitter, Pinterest, and like us on Facebook