Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How I Store my LUSH & Make it Last!

Hello loves!
Maybe some of you have noticed  that we love LUSH products. They have an amazing bath range and skincare. I have a really big stash at this point of bath bombs and bubble bars (especially after Christmas!!). I still have some products from last spring! I like to keep mine fresh, make them last more than one use, and mess-free but I'm still able to show off how cute they are when I want to.
Some of these bath products can be rather expensive, which I why I like to make them last for a few uses. Not to mention that I love every one of them and I don't want to use them too fast!
This is the limited edition holiday bath bomb, Cinders.

So, first you'll need zip lock bags, a sharp knife, a cutting board, and a hammer. I unwrap the bath product from the packaging it comes in if you order online. There should be a sticker on the product listing the name and ingredients. I take this off and place it on a zip lock bag so I don't forget the name of it.

First I'll show you how I break apart and store bath bombs (um parents permission if you are a youngin'!) I place the product on the cutting board to cut into a few pieces. This will really help you get a few baths out of the product instead of just one.

Decide how you want to break the bomb apart and place your knife on the point you want it to break apart. You will need to hold the knife there and gently hit the other end of the knife with the hammer until the bomb breaks apart. Most of them will break at that center point pretty easy.

Here you see my ugly hammer and knife with the broken bath bomb. I usually only break the bath bombs into two pieces because it can get too messy otherwise.

Now I'll take half of the bomb and put it in my bathtub :) And the other half will go into a ziplock bag. If you order LUSH online you will get a sticker with product details that I like to take off and put on the bag. If you buy LUSH in-store you won't get this sticker, but I will just label that bag with a permanent marker.

Now you are able to get two uses out of this bath bomb and keep the scent from mixing with your other bath bombs or fading. If your bath bomb breaks you wont have a huge mess either and there is no wasting product!

Now I'll show you how I break apart bath melts and bubble bars, they are much easier! I like to break these apart into four or more pieces because some of them are really big and a little goes a long way :)

This is a limited edition holiday bath melt called Snow Angel and OMG it smells amazing! Must-have!

So you'll still need a cutting board, sharp knife, and a ziplock bag.

Place the knife flat on the product where you want it to break and push down on the flat part of the knife with your hand until it breaks. Don't separate the product yet if you plan on breaking it again so you can break it pretty even.

So, rotate the knife where you want to break it again and repeat :) It is much easier to break these than the bath bombs.

Now take that sticker label or your permanent marker and label your ziplock bag and place your goodies in there until you want to use them again!

I have so many products in bags like this and they never lose their smell. However, I have to say that the products might still lose its color slightly.

Here you see the demonstration done with a bubble bar! This is another limited edition Halloween bar called Sparkly Pumpkin (given to me by none other than Paige because she is the sweetest ever)! 


Finally, I put my products into something cute like this storage bin from TJ Maxx (there are similar ones at Bed Bath and Beyond as well). I store mine personally under my sink because I have no other space! I would store this on shelves if I had a choice :) The products are cute enough to show off! Go check out LUSH! You will not regret it.
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