Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The BeautyBlender: Review & Info

This week is all about the beautyblender
I've been using this now for over three weeks to see how I liked it and... I LOVE it! I was one of the doubters at first because of the price ($19.95), the fact that it is a sponge, and that you use it damp. That just didn't make sense to me. Give it a chance.. It won't fail you. 
I got my beautyblender sponge and solid cleanser from Nordstrom (the particular set isn't available right now). There are a few types of beauty blenders and combinations of blenders and cleansers. This pink one is the original, they now have a pure sponge, pro sponge, and micro mini sponges.

When you get the beauty blender you might be shocked (like I was) about how teeny tiny it is. What is so crazy about it is that as soon as you wet the sponge it gets about twice as big! So you want to put the sponge under water and squeeze until it stops growing. Squeeze out excess liquid with a towel.
One thing to be aware of... This sponge should be used wet!!! 
You can see in this picture how much bigger it gets after wetting it, compare it to the package! It doesn't even fit into the container when it's wet. Set it on top of the container to air dry, and it will eventually fall back into the container once it shrinks :)
How I use it: I have dipped the sponge into my makeup before and I have also just used it to blend out my makeup. I personally use the sponge mostly for concealer (eyes, under eyes, forehead, bridge of the nose, chin). I put the concealer on with my fingers and then blend it out with the wet beauty blender. Seriously... FLAWLESS application with this.
My sister uses it for foundation and concealer and loves it for that, and I know other people use it for liquid contour and it works great! It really leaves an amazing airbrush finish. You want to "bounce" it onto your skin.
As far as the solid beautyblender cleanser goes, I actually really like it. I found that it can take a while to clean the sponge (or maybe mine was just super dirty..) so I combined this cleanser with a makeup remover.
You'll notice that when you wash it some pink color will come out.. Don't worry your beauty blender is not full of chemicals used to color it and it won't completely wash out. The beautyblender is latex free, recyclable, and non-allergenic. I really like the smell of it too when it comes brand new :)
I truly love this little guy :) He's changed the way I apply my makeup.. And they just released a cute little travel case that I have to have! *The ONE negative thing about this is that they recommend replacing this every three months. I probably won't but we will see how clean I can keep it before it starts to affect my skin!
If you think that the other knock-off sponges will do the same things that the beautyblender does you're wrong! I understand that some of the other sponges out there are less than half the price, but they are going to soak up more product and not apply as well. I would say go ahead and splurge on the original beautyblender.
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