Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIY Metallic Painted Chest

Hi guys :)

For Christmas last month I received a wooden chest from my boyfriend. It was not painted which I was really excited about because I had the chance to do a little project and pick a really awesome color! This chest is from Porter's Craft and Frame.

 I browsed through Pinterest for ideas when I came across a few metallic painted home decor items. I went to WalMart to look for metallic spray paint (because spray paint is so fast and easy) and I found the perfect gold color.

 I chose a metallic gold by Krylon. The color of the lid on the bottle was really deceiving and I didn't like it until Paige and I sprayed the shelf with several colors to see how they really applied (yes we are those really annoying people who spray on the shelves of WalMart spray paint isle.. sorry not sorry). I'm so glad I tried that though because I wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't seen the true color of it. I also picked up a clear coat to prevent the paint from chipping. These were really inexpensive (about $4).

 So first I removed all the metal details from the box with a handy dandy screwdriver so I wouldn't ruin the color of them. I didn't apply a primer.

 I'm no professional at painting but this was really easy, especially with this color. I just tried to keep the bottle a safe distance from the chest so that the paint wouldn't start to drip. I sprayed as slowly and as evenly as I could. I actually sprayed four layers of the gold color and two layers of clear coat!

Above is what the paint looks like in indoor lighting and here on the right is what the paint looks like in outdoor lighting. It looks even more gorgeous in person! I just love the details of this chest too.
So after screwing back on all the beautiful details this is the final result! I'm really happy with how it turned out! This would also look great with some type of stick on decal :) 
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