Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Review & Swatches

Some of you might know Jaclyn Hill from her YouTube channel. She is a professional makeup artist and she does beautiful makeup tutorials. She recently collaborated with Morphe Brushes to create this palette of 28 eyeshadows for $27.99 (Discount code JACATTACK makes it $25). That is a about a dollar a shadow people!!
This is better quality than any eyeshadow you could buy at the drugstore for a dollar. These are so pigmented, smooth, blendable, and buttery that I don't understand how they aren't losing money from selling these babies for one dollar in the palette. Morphe Brushes mentioned that they want to be known for their brushes and not for the shadows which is why they are so inexpensive. 

There are some really nice warm tones in here. I love the pops of color in here like the green, purples, and purpley-pinks! The highlight shades in here are perfect. I have used the very first one on the top row every day since I got this for my brow bone and inner corner highlight.
One thing about this palette is that the packaging it's in feels a bit breakable. If I travel with this I'll have to be careful to put it back into the sleeve it came in. 
Another negative to this palette is that it is limited edition. But, the shadows in this palette can be purchased individually on their website, it just might be difficult to figure out the names/numbers of the shadows (see below). Also, some of the shadows are more pigmented than others.

Swatches of the 1st and 2nd columns on the left
Swatches of the 5th and 6th columns

Swatches of the last column on the right

Swatches of the 3rd and 4th columns

So, if you're looking for something more than worth your money then check out Morphe Brushes and their eyeshadows. Normally their shadows run for $2 for a single shadow but if you get a palette from them you get an even more awesome discount :)
This palette particularly stuck out to me just because I am a huge fan of Jaclyn Hill :) Morphe has many other palettes available at similar affordable prices so check them out! 
The colors from this palette can also be purchased individually on their site for $2. 

I apologize that this palette is not available at the moment. It will be restocked one more time (February) but then once it sells out it is gone! So be sure to watch for that if you are interested in this particular palette from them.  

BTW for those interested & cannot get a hold of the palette, here are the single shadow numbers by @alaurajade.

Have an awesome day :)