Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Self Tanning: Tanning Lotions and Application

Hello :)
This week is all about self tanning! Sorry it took me soo long to get this up.
I have self tanned for years. I self tan once or twice a week, depending on what I'm doing. During the summer I self tan more often and I self tan my whole body. This might sound silly but in the winter I only self tan my upper body. I just really don't think there is a reason to waste all that tanner on my legs when they won't be seen :)
I've used a few different drugstore tanning lotions but I want to focus on two tanning lotions today that are not drugstore. Million Dollar Tan and Loving Tan are my two favorite tanners right now. 
Million Dollar tanning lotion is priced at $30-38.00. I use Cabana Tan Extreme 8 oz- Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion. I also use the Cabana Tan Extreme Face- Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion
You get more bang for your buck with this one (coupon: "glow10)
Company has sales during holidays 
Long lasting color 
Dark Color 
Easy to Apply
Fades uneven sometimes
Color can look orange if you don't apply well and blend
My latest favorite tanning lotion that I have been using for just over a month is the Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Deluxe Bronzing Mousse (4 oz). Loving tan prices run from $34.95-39.95.
Free shipping and exfoliating mitt with code (code: "jaclyn" from Jaclyn Hill)
Color guide (brown tint that allows you to see exactly where you have applied mousse) 
Long lasting color
Dark color
Most natural color 
Fades quite nicely 
More difficult to apply because formula dries fast on skin
As for application...
I use a mitt to apply both lotions. I use one by St. Tropez from Sephora for $6.50.You also need a good regular lotion and a foundation brush (optional).
Step 1 
Shower, exfoliate, shave.
Step 2
Apply a good lotion or coconut oil to areas like the elbows, knees, feet, hands, and any other areas that tend to be dry.
Step 3 
Apply tanning lotion to your face using mitt or foundation brush. I use the Million Dollar Tan FACE every time. I apply this to my whole face, including the eye area. You don't have to do that if you're worried about irritation.  
Step 4
I personally start tanning my legs first. Use one or two pumps for each area (below the knee, above the knee, etc.) If you are using Loving Tan you want to work really quickly. Continue up the body, using a foundation brush on the ankles, feet, wrists, and hands to prevent any harsh lines. Make sure to keep the product off of your palms. 
*I found that I get the best results when I apply tanner on my whole body, then wash my hands. After washing off my hands I put a small pump of Million Dollar Tanning lotion onto a foundation brush and apply to the back of my hands and fingers. My hands are too dry most of the time to just use Loving Tan on them.* 
Step 5
When you've tanned your whole body you will want to stand there.. naked.. for a bit to allow the product to dry. If you are using Million Dollar tan you will have to wait longer before putting clothes on. 
Wash your mitt and foundation brush with hand soap or whatever soap you please. Just be careful not to splash water on yourself and ruin the tan. 
I always tan at night and sleep with the lotion on. That way I get the darkest and I don't stink like tanner all day (haha). 
Step 6 
Wake up and shower off :) DO NOT scrub. If you need to shave again, shave gently and use a lot of shaving cream. Then apply a lotion to keep your skin from drying out. 
Step 7
Maintain your tan :) Try not to exfoliate for the next few days to help maintain the color. 
Once your tan begins to fade within the next week, scrub your skin really well to take off the excess and repeat this whole tanning process!
Both AFTER pictures were taken before showering off.
This is the AFTER picture of my legs, I would probably go in with another layer on my legs from now on since one pump for each area is just not enough for me! 
The picture below was taken two days after tanning! 
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