Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brushes for Flawless Foundation: Sigma

If you haven't ever tried using a brush to apply your foundation you are missing out! Using a brush helps to really smooth the foundation and apply it into your skin for longer lasting coverage. I was introduced to this brand, Sigma, by the YouTube beauty blogger, Jaclyn Hill (she is one my favorite makeup artists on YouTube). The quality of these brushes is amazing! These brushes have been compared to MAC brushes as an exact dupe. 
These two foundation brushes help to absorb the excess product. These are the F80 and F86 foundation application brushes. Each of these are $21.00; I know that is on the expensive side but these should last you years with the right care (there are often discount codes featured on the YouTube channels of Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, and SMLx0)! These brushes are made with Synthetic Sigmax bristles. I got them a few months ago and, as you can see, they are still in great condition. These pictures were taken right after washing and drying them, and they still look brand new! 
The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush is used to apply foundation to the flat parts of your face such as forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose. The brush is so soft you will want to brush your face with it all day If you are wanting to try something from Sigma I would recommend trying this brush first. I have tried the flat foundation brushed and found that I got a much smoother application with this flat top brush. I wouldn't recommend using this for applying powder, it is made to apply cream and liquid makeup products. 
The F86 Tapered Kabuki is made for areas of your face that are difficult to cover with the flat top kabuki such as they eye area. I really used this brush for highlighting my lids and under-eye area, middle forehead, nose and chin. This brush is also made to apply cream and liquid products. The shape of this brush is perfect for applying product in the eye area. This brush is also very dense and helps to pick up the excess product so your makeup is never cakey (for a no-fail under eye application make sure to brush back and forth to get in all those pesky creases)!
I would absolutely recommend these brushes to anyone. It is almost effortless to get the perfect flawless foundation with these two. If you aren't confident in trying a foundation brush just watch one of Jaclyn's videos. She, along with a lot of other makeup gurus love the Sigma brushes, and the F80 has been a top seller on Sigma since it's release! 
Have a great day everyone! This post is not sponsored.