Thursday, October 23, 2014

No Curling Iron Curls With Sea Salt Spray

Save your hair!
I am constantly fighting with my hair in the hot summer weather. My hair becomes more damaged with all the sun combined with heated tools like my straightener and curling irons. I recently got a sea salt spray and wanted to give it a try! I experimented with this no curling iron curl today and it turned out great! Keep in mind that I already have wavy/curly hair, so this may turn out different with straight hair (you can try more twisted braids in smaller sections)!
First I washed my hair and applied protectant product and oil to keep my hair smooth and shiny. Then I split my hair into two equal parts. With those two parts, split them again in two pieces. Twist the two pieces in separate directions (I twist the hair closest to my face away from my face).
It's really hard to explain this part! These are twisted braids. Use the two pieces of hair on one side and twist them around each other. Try to keep them twisted tightly. This can take a few tries to get right. If the curls aren't twisted in opposite directions the braid will come undone. Tie with small elastics. If the braids aren't staying twisted you can put a few elastics all the way down the braid (yes these look silly, and I was lucky enough to be seen in them). 
I let these air dry for a bit. Then I take the blow dryer to them until they feel fairly dry. 
Optional: When they are mostly dry you can clamp a straightener on them in sections all the way down the braid; hold the straightener just long enough for the hair to get warm. Repeat twice or more.

Now the fun part! Take out the elastics and run your fingers gently through the hair. I flipped my hair a few times for some volume. Then I applied this amazing texturizing sea salt spray called Beach Babe! This makes your hair feel like you have spent a day at the beach, but without all the sand in your pants. This is by NYM, Not Your Mother's and is infused with dead sea salt and sea kelp. It smells amazing! Spray a few times through out hair and scrunch.
This is only $5.99 at Ulta or drugstore. Click image to purchase

This is how it turned out! Soft, bouncy curls ready for summer sun (or the beach if you're lucky enough)!
Give it a try and tag #prettyandpt in your pictures! Let us know how it works for you! This post is not sponsored.