Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BEST 'Hairsprays for Your Face'

Hi everyone!
I for one hate having to touch up my makeup a thousand times a day. I have oily skin so I was always reapplying powder which only made it worse and caused my pores to become clogged. I found the perfect solution when I discovered makeup setting spray or, what I like to call them, hairsprays for your face. These are something I can not go without now that I have tried them. There are a wide range of choices and prices but here are my three holy-grail hairsprays for your face:
These babies have saved me! E.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set, Victoria's Secret Prime & Set Makeup Spray, and MAC Fix+. All of these are relatively affordable and work so well. I started using hairspray for your face about a year ago when I found e.l.f. products at Target. I know my skin is happy with me for not piling powders on it all day. I can't even begin to tell you the difference in my skin!
I want to start off talking about this one by e.l.f. because it was the first one I tried and it is very cheap ($3.00). It is called Makeup Mist & Set. E.l.f. is available at WalMart and Target. Although a cheap brand their products are not disappointing. As you can see this Mist & Set contains aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E, so it is very soothing for your skin. I use this one the most because I can always repurchase. I spray it directly onto my face after finishing a makeup look. It also works well if you apply it after your toner before moisturizer. Sometimes I even use it at night before bed to soothe my skin. It can also be used with a loose shadow, pigment or glitter. If you spray your brush with this before picking up the shadow it will help keep it in place. This is my third or fourth bottle. If you are skeptical about trying hairsprays for your face I recommend trying this one first. It is very gentle and great for all skin types, not to mention it is affordable!
This next setting spray I'm going to talk about is my FAVORITE! Victoria's Secret Make It Last Prime & Set Makeup Spray. It works best for my oily skin type and holds makeup in place for the longest period of time (out of any of the sprays). The bottle says it will hold makeup for eight hours and I believe it! I have repurchased this three or four times because I love it so much. It has always been available for me in the store. Fairly affordable ($14.00) and it is a good size bottle. I'm not sure why this product is not available online, but it is available in stores and on amazon, I'm sorry! I use this every day during the summer when my skin is the most oily. It sprays more than the e.l.f. spray so you have to be careful to hold it far enough away from your face and fan your face after with your hands. I also use this like the e.l.f. one and spray my brushes with it before applying a loose shadow or pigment. This one does not have all the good-for-you ingredients that the e.l.f. one does but I think it works much better at holding makeup in place. You can also use this as a primer before you apply your makeup for extra hold. If you're looking for the best hold at a great price this is the primer for you!
The next hairspray for your face I'm going to talk about is new to me. This is MAC Fix+. I have made my first few purchases from MAC and I love their products, so I thought I'd give this a try. This one is more expensive ($21.00) but has both good ingredients and good hold. They have a smaller size bottle if you aren't sure about how much you'll love it. This bottle is really big and I think will last me a long time. It mists very lightly, which I like since it was more expensive. This one has a smell, I'm not sure I love the smell but it isn't strong and doesn't last. I think this one works very well, but I'm not going to say it works better than the Victoria's Secret one. For my oily skin I think this is great for winter when my skin isn't too oily. I love using this one for applying loose eyeshadows and pigments as I explained before, this one works best for that. The benefits of this one are that it has better ingredients than the VS one and it holds just as well (just not for the same duration of time). Fix+ contains cucumber, fruit extract, and caffeine which are great for refreshing your face during the day!
To sum it all up, I use the e.l.f. makeup setting spray at night and throughout the day. I use the VS brand makeup spray right after I finish my makeup and again if I am going out. I use MAC Fix+ in the afternoon when my face needs a little pick-me-up and also to apply loose shadows and pigments. I love all three of these and I always keep them in stock. My skin is thanking me for not piling on more product and instead giving it a nice little mist just when it needs it. These hairsprays for your face will all leave you with glowing, dewy skin
Hope you enjoyed! This post is not sponsored.