Thursday, October 23, 2014

All Time Favorite Flat Iron: NuMe

This tool is an essential for every woman...
The straightener! My daily routine has always involved a flat iron. I have tried a few brands before and I have finally found the ultimate flat iron. The NuMe Vintage flat iron is made with floating, 100% ceramic plates perfect for straightening, loose curls or tight curls. It is pronounced "New-Me" for a reason!
I have had this flat iron for over a year. I had previously tried several Chi flat irons which all ended up breaking in one way or another. This flat iron from NuMe is very sturdy, it has a long cord, and temperature controls along with a red/green light letting you know when it has reached the perfect temperature. As you can see it is still in great condition! I use this every single day on my hair. I have VERY curly, thick hair so I need a flat iron that can handle the mess. It glides over my hair without catching and has a pattern grip. I also color my hair a lot and this doesn't suck all the moisture from my hair. Not to mention how cute the color is!
I always comb through the hair as I'm straightening, dragging the straightner behind the comb, for the best results and stick straight hair. As you can see this comb is very worn out from using it so much (so cheap, from Walgreens or WalMart)! This flat iron is listed for a pretty high price but I got this one for a large discount (I'm talking over $100.00 off). If you sign up for NuMe's newletters they have flash sales with literally hundreds marked off of the price along with other items. I want to say I got this with a discount code from a YouTube vlogger (Carli Bybel) for around $60.00 which is less than I have ever paid for a flat iron!
The essential partner to the flat iron is an oil. Applying an oil before/after you flat iron your hair will give your hair shine and also keep it healthy. Argan oil is my favorite hair oil. This product is from NuMe as well and is always part of discounts! The bottle is huge and will last a very long time. This stuff is so good you can apply the excess to your skin. I got this product at a huge discount with another code from Carli Bybel (the code may not still be active). I highly recommend this stuff and also recommend hunting down a discount code or waiting for a flash sale first! NuMe often does really awesome bundles for a fraction of the price!
My mom and sister both have a NuMe flat iron as well and they love it! My crazy hair couldn't be tamed any other way than with a good straightner and this one is by far the best I've used and the cheapest.
Thanks for reading! This post is not sponsored.  
(Update 3/6/15: This particular straightener is not made anymore but I have purchased the Megastar and it is amazing, if not better.)