Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hello lovelies! It's bath time...
I have recently become a LUSHling. I discovered this company after watching some reviews of their products on YouTube. I was immediately interested in this brand and their values. They focus on using natural products, recycling, fighting animal testing, and charity. All of their products are handmade so each of them has their own unique qualities!
My Easter haul included just a few items I bought the Sex Bomb, Big Blue, and Pink Bath Bombs, Sunny Side, Dorothy, and Creamy Candy Bubble Bars, The Godmother soap, Bubble Gum lip scrub, Mask of Magnaminty, and lastly Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. I tried this Dorothy Bubble Bar first. Click on the image to see their site.

First of all I love the look of it (I want to eat some of their cute little products because they smell and look so good)! The scent of ylang ylang, sweet figs, and orange oil smells so clean and fresh. Honestly it's not my favorite scent compared to the others. It just smells really clean. It's also a good size.
I was able to cut this product into four sections and one section was enough for my bath tub (average sized tub). I put this product into a nylon sock (which a got for a few cents at WalMart) and tied it above the running water to ensure that every bit of it was dissolved. It made mounds of bubbles! The water turned a nice light blue and the scent was divine.The bubbles lasted the entire bath.
I have read that some of the bubble bars and bath bombs leave a residue in your tub, but there was not color left from this one in my tub. The water was also very moisturizing and I didn't even need to apply shaving cream to shave my legs. I would recommend using a half if you want a stronger scent and more color.
Dorothy worked amazingly well and will last me four baths. They don't lie when they say it will make mountains of bubbles! I noticed the scent stayed on my skin as well but I did lotion with a scented lotion after the bath. My skin was not dry after. The smell is not my personal favorite because I like the candy, sweet, citrus smells better. But when I showed my LUSH products to Paige & Lexie, this was Lexie's personal favorite!
Overall, this is a good product. I recommend visiting the LUSH website or their YouTube channel. These would make great gifts for any occasion and LUSH sends free samples with your purchase!
Follow the yellow brick road into a decadent bath Thanks for reading! This post is not sponsored.